Homeschool History Day: The Mexican-American War

May 19th | 9am-1pm

The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) was one of the most consequential events in American history, but it is not well remembered. On May 19th, Homeschool families will have an opportunity to explore this event and the Tennesseans who participated in it, including President James K. Polk.

Homeschool families are invited to us for a day of hands-on activities, demonstrations, tours of the Polk Home and the exhibition “Shaping a Nation: Tennessee Volunteers & the Mexican-American War.” To learn more about this exhibition, click HERE.

Homeschool History Day events are come-and-go style events. Activities will be set up until 1pm. 

Please purchase tickets in advance through the Eventbrite linked HERE. A limited number of tickets may be available the day of the event, but we cannot guarantee availability. 

“Shaping a Nation: Tennessee Volunteers & the Mexican-American War” is funded through a grant from the Tennessee Historical Commission and the Tennessee Wars Commission.

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