Lesson Plans

The Dark Horse

James K. Polk was a surprise nominee for president in 1844. Despite his reputation as a Dark Horse, Polk was able to win the election on a platform of western expansion. Learn what presidential campaigning looked like through primary source examination. This plan is aligned with TN State Standards.

Manifest Destiny

President Polk added more than a million square miles of territory during his single term in office. This had lasting impacts on the American landscape and identity. Explore how Polk’s America embodied the concept of Manifest Destiny through primary sources. This plan is aligned to TN State Standards.

Gold Rush

In his final address to congress, President Polk confirmed rumors of Gold discovered in the newly acquired territory of California triggering a mass migration of 49ers from around the world. This influx had a profound impact on the people and economy of California and the United States. Examine the Gold Rush through the eyes of the 49ers. This plan is aligned to TN State Standards.


Polk Pop

Teach history through music with Polk Pop! This collection of original music produced by the President James K. Polk Home & Museum features songs and resources with subjects ranging from President Polk to Frederick Douglass.

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