The James K. Polk Home

The James K. Polk Home is the only surviving residence of the 11th President of the United States*. This beautifully preserved American landmark is home to one of the finest Presidential collections in the nation, as well as period artifacts and authentic glimpses of life in the early 1800s in what was then America’s Western Frontier.

Polk’s presidency represents two remarkable stories: the story of his own unlikely rise from a sickly frontier youth to a powerful U.S. President, and the beginning of America’s westward expansion. During Polk’s single term, the United States grew from a coastal nation nestled between the Atlantic and the Appalachians to a continental country that reached the Pacific.

*Not including the White House

James K. Polk died just three months after leaving office, and First Lady Sarah Polk used her forty-two year widowhood to preserve her husband’s legacy. She took care of the objects that they collected during their lives together and bequeathed them to her descendants, who started the James K. Polk Memorial Association in 1924. Today, the Association works tirelessly to educate the public on one of the nation’s most successful presidents and care for the nationally significant collection of Polk artifacts that continues to attract thousands of visitors each year.

Today, the Association exists to share the story of one of the nation’s most successful presidents, to care for its nationally-significant collection of Polk artifacts, and to curate original exhibitions and programming that explores the dynamic era in which James K. Polk lived. 

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