School Groups

For school field trips, the Polk Home’s staff will work with teachers to develop tours that relate to class studies.

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Distance Learning Program

The Polk Home now offers online, interactive educational programs through webconferencing. Now teachers and students can participate in a class with the Polk Home’s Curator on James K. Polk, Polk and Slavery, and Sarah Polk, with additional programs available soon. Our team can work with schools that have a Tandberg or Polycom unit, and can accommodate other options as well.

What is a webconference?

A webconference is a live, interactive connection hosted over the internet. In this case, it’s an online, interactive education program focused on James K. Polk and his time.

How does the webconference work?

In a webconference, a Polk Home staff member will lead an interactive discussion with your students. We will use primary documents and artifacts to help illustrate the topic we are discussing, thereby providing a supplement to materials teachers use in the classroom.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a computer with a good internet connection, and preferably a camera, microphone, and a projector to display the program to the class. Students will ideally be able to pass around a microphone to ask/answer questions.

It is beneficial for you to have the latest version of Java (available via free download from installed on the computer with which you plan on connecting to the Polk Home.

How much does it cost?

The Polk Home’s webconferencing programs are $60 per session, with a volume discount option: If you book five webconferences with the Polk Home, the cost drops to $40 per session. Our Q&A program is $40.

One important detail to note is that you will be invoiced for your webconference once it has been completed. We understand that it is important to take external circumstances into account when dealing with technology. If there is a problem with your webconference beyond your control (snow days, power failure, network issues, etc.) we will reschedule your videoconference at no additional charge.

How long are the programs?

A standard program will run approximately 60 minutes, but can be tailored to meet your classroom schedule.

What programs are available?

Currently we have the following programs available via webconferencing:

  • Young Hickory: James K. Polk
  • Sarah Polk: First Lady of Style
  • James K. Polk and Slavery
  • Our JKP Q&A program is ideal for classes finishing up a unit on Polk’s America, or in preparing for essays on James K. Polk or his presidency. We will take student questions in a guided free for all!

How do these programs conform to education standards?

All programs conform to the following education standards:

  • National Center for History in the Schools
  • National Council for Teachers of English
  • Tennessee Department of Education

How do I schedule a webconference?

Email us or call (931) 388-2354 with a few dates in mind, in case we already have webconferences scheduled. Before the webconference is confirmed, we will send you an email with some preliminary information for you to submit. Once that information is returned, we will confirm your webconference with the Polk Home.

We will also ask you to connect with us ahead of your webconference in order to complete a test with us to ensure a good connection.


Educational Resources

Lesson plans, educational activities and links for further reading are available here.


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